Hernando Youth Football Association


Hernando, MS

Hernando Youth Football Association mission  is to promote the development of

strong character, high self esteem, good attitude and a sense of responsibility

and citizenship among our community’s children through their participation in

youth sports.

We believe this is absolutely a great opportunity for people to get involved

with their kids. Provide their families the opportunity for the children to come in

and learn the basics fundamentals and love of the sport . Most importantly what

we teach  the kids is to learn how to respect the game and respect each other .

We want to provide a fun learning experience through football and cheer,

teaching self-discipline, teamwork,  concentration, friendship, leadership and

good sportsmanship in positive, safe environment.

We are a total volunteer organization.  All board members, coaches, etc. . 

We are completely funded by registration fees, donations and fundraisers, and

our loyal sponsors.